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OPT Participants: STEM Extension

By submitting this form, you are affirming that:

-You are currently employed or will be employed with the employer specified below when the STEM extension takes effect.
-You understand that each employer while on the STEM extension must be enrolled in the E-Verify system and the work must be directly related to your degree.
-You understand that you are required by law to confirm your STEM employment participation to the Office of International Programs and Services every six months using this form, whether or not there have been any changes. 
-You have not been previously granted a STEM extension.

US Residential Address

Employer Information

First day after current OPT ends

As a reminder, to 'count' as employment on STEM OPT, you must work for a combined 20 hours/week (weekly average). You can hold multiple jobs that combine for 20 hours/week, as long as all jobs are directly related to your studies and all are with E-Verify companies. If you are not working 20 hours/week, you will accrue unemployment time with USCIS. You are limited to 120 days of unemployment during your year of post-completion OPT and STEM extension combined.

In 2-3 sentences, explain how this job is directly related to your degree program. Your response will be reported to USCIS 'as is'; it will not be edited or reviewed for accuracy. OIA advisers cannot confirm that your job is related to your studies; it is your responsibility to clarify the degree relevancy. Having a job directly related to your degree is a requirement of STEM OPT and reporting this relevancy is necessary for STEM OPT employment. (Max 250 characters). Do not include any special characters (e.g. [ ( < * & @)