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The Bechtel International Center was established by the Bechtel Family to facilitate mutual respect and understanding between peoples from around the world. With the aforementioned in mind, International Programs and Services (IPS) seeks to strengthen the global dimensions of teaching, learning, research and service. Therefore, please know that, IPS provides priority access to clubs, organizations, groups, and activities that support either or both of the aforementioned goals.

Person responsible for guests at an event and the event itself.
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Building Description:
  • Bechtel was designed with an open floor plan and built using tile, brick, concrete, and glass; sound carries. Should you require the building during regularly scheduled working hours, please know that you will be sharing this space with an operational office.
  • While Bechtel does not have cooking or kitchen facilities, catering is allowed. However, please know that food prepared off campus cannot be served to the community, but food prepared in the community kitchen can be provided. Pacific student clubs and organizations must complete the catering waiver form with Bon Appetite and include a copy with reservation requests.
  • Bechtel’s ground floor has a TV and DVD player and wireless internet is available, but the building is not equipped with a sound system.  Should audio equipment be needed, please request this in advance from Pacific Technology.
  • Bechtel seats 35 to 40 people comfortably and has a maximum occupancy of 100 persons. Should your event require seating for more than 40 people, IPS can provide a sample room layout to be included with the requisite FAMIS request through Physical Plant. Please know that the sponsoring club/organization is responsible for any and all setup charges.
  • Please refrain from entering the mezzanine or upper levels of Bechtel as they house working office spaces.
Additional Notes:
  • An IPS team member or Public Safety representative will be present during the event should it occur outside of normal business hours. IPS thanks you in advance for listening and adhering to directions, guidance, and requests made by this office representative.
  • Any and all garbage should be taken out of Bechtel and appropriately discarded after the activity. Waste receptacles are conveniently located at the corner of Baxter Way and Parking Lot 4 opposite Casa Werner.
  • Please leave the building clean and return all furniture to its original place.
  • A nonrefundable fee of $15 per hour will be charged for events held between the hours of 5:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m.
By submitting this request, I confirm that I have read the above and I understand the conditions associated with the use of and my responsibilities in using the Bechtel International Center. I further understand that infractions may result in IPS denying future rental requests.